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Le Tour Du Hack 2022

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How LTDH22 will look...

With the world slowly getting back to normal, we're planning on hosting LTDH22 in-person with an option to
participate remotely. The first day will consist of the standard conference, with talks being recorded and
potentially live streamed for those who wish to participate remotely. The second day will consist of our
CTF day with the potential to win amazing prizes!

When and Where will LTDH22 be?

LTDH22 will begin on Saturday (02/04) from 9-5 followed by our after-party at the Le Monde Hotel's Shanghai club.
The next day (03/04) will be from 9-5 and consist of our CTF portion of the event, held at:
Edinburgh Napier University Craiglockhart Campus
219 Colinton Road
EH14 1DJ

About LTDH

The goal of Le Tour Du Hack is to educate attendees on cybersecurity through engaging,
innovative and unique ways. The first Le Tour Du Hack took place in 2017 as a weekend
face-to-face CTF competition aimed at students interested in cybersecurity within the Edinburgh area.

Past Events

We had over 200 attendees come to Le Tour Du Hack 2019 from all over the U.K., competing across a range of diciplines
such as web-application exploitation, reverse-engineering, and exploit development.
Along with this, sponsors such as Lloyd's Bank; JP Morgan, and more.
Due to circumstances outwith out control, our 2021 rendition of Le Tour Du Hack was held as an online CTF
for all skill levels to compete in while we were still stuck online.